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Bizfundi is a digital app and mobile platform that directly connects micro small and medium entrepreneurs with business development service providers and trainers possessing the expertise needed to help business owners improve their performance and grow their businesses. 

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After three months, Bifundi has nearly two hundred unique visitors over one hundred registered users. 

How does your innovation work?

The platform is simple to navigate: after creating a user profile, a business owner can search through a database of pre-screened business development service providers to easily find those with the expertise they need within their geographical location. Examples of areas of support include business planning, cash flow management, marketing, bookkeeping, business formalization, and applying for a business loan.
Ultimately, the platform will also enable businesses to link directly with financial institutions that provide credit and other services needed by small firms.

Do you have current users or testers?

Over forty Tanzanian small business owners and business service providers across the country participated in focus group testing. Feedback from this testing validated both the demand of the service and the usability of the interface. Within three months of introducing the service, over one hundred small business owners and business service providers have so far registered on the site.

Next Steps

Keep growing the platform to register more MSME's and BDS providers