Compatible Technology International

Compatible Technology International

Compatible Technology International (CTI) is a nonprofit that designs and distributes tools in collaboration with small farmers and their communities to improve food and water security in developing countries.

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Area of Focus

Compatible Technology International (CTI) is a nonprofit organization, headquartered in St. Paul, MN, that designs and distributes innovative tools that help families in the developing world rise above hunger and poverty. We are dedicated to empowering small farmers who live on just a few acres of land and have scarce resources to help them process and market their harvest. We create and promote affordable technologies that farmers can purchase and use to produce more food with less effort. We also help families identify opportunities to bring their crops to market and start profitable enterprises. With access to new technologies and resources to start viable businesses, thousands of farming families in some of the poorest regions of the world are producing more nutritious food, increasing their incomes, and realizing a brighter future.  

CTI’s programs are organized around:

  1. Postharvest Innovations designed for smallholders: CTI works in collaboration with smallholder farmers and a global design team of engineers, researchers, and marketing experts to identify and develop affordable postharvest solutions that reduce women’s drudgery and boost their production of high-value, nutritious foods. Recently, CTI has developed mechanized tools for harvesting and processing shelled peanuts.  Peanuts are a very important food and cash crop throughout Africa, and more efficient processing tools can help poor communities produce better quality nuts, reduce their drudgery and food waste, and earn higher incomes through increased market sales.
  2.  Sustainable Distribution: To ensure farmers have access to affordable tools, and technical support to maintain them, CTI works with local partners in both the public and private sector to establish sustainable systems for manufacturing and distributing its technologies. In Senegal, CTI is strengthening local capacity to distribute its pearl millet thresher and grinder—connecting the dots between local manufacturers, lending institutions, agro-dealers, and other key supply-chain actors.
  3. Economic Opportunity:  CTI’s programs link farmers to markets and promote food processing initiatives to help women’s groups and farmer organizations increase their productivity, improve their food intake and nutrition, and to generate income.  In Senegal, CTI is facilitating agreements between smallholder producers and market buyers willing to pay a premium for high-quality processed grain.

Areas of Expertise

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