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Dao Ventures

Dao Ventures strives to do business and create an impact in harmony with the environment, the people, and the society, the spirit of which is embodied by the Chinese character 道 (Dao).
Dao Ventures is a China-focused, impact-oriented group of companies and affiliates encompassing ACBridge Global Advisors, ACBridge Capital Advisors, China Impact Fund, and New Ventures Global and its affiliate not-for-profit program New Ventures China housed at the Beijing-based Institute for Environment and Development. Via its myriad entities and services, Dao Ventures' focus is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) primarily in the environmental and technology sectors whose businesses, technologies and/or products can have a positive impact on China and by extension, make China a better place for its ordinary people to live in. 

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Area of Focus

Impact Investment

China Impact Fund (CIF) and China Impact Fund International (CIFI) are investment vehicles managed by Dao Ventures. Our sector focus is so-called ETMT, which stands for environmental, telecom, media and technology. We specialize in financing and supporting SMEs in these sectors whose business model and technologies are being proactively leveraged to make a positive impact in people's lives, especially those disavantaged groups and/or people in China. While CIF is focused on domestic SMEs in China, CIFI's mandate is more international in that it supports Chinese SMEs going overseas and international companies who have China as a key part of their business. 

Global Advisory Services

Led by ACBridge Global Advisors (AGA), Dao Ventures provides professional advisory services focused on connecting clients both within China and internationally seeking expansion into the global markets. AGA has a team of advisors and consultants who all have had rich international experiences as board members, executives, strategists and/or legal counsels serving both Fortune 500 and start-up companies in global business development, venture investment and M&A capacities. AGA also has a local in-country presence through their network of principals, associate advisors and affiliated organizations such as ACBridge Capital Advisors (ACA). 

International Accelerators

Aside from Beijing-based Dao Ventures affiliate New Ventures China that has been providing accelerator services to China's environmental SMEs over the past 10 years, New Ventures Global (NVG) consists of two international accelerators in Hebei, China and the Greater Washington region providing one-stop shop professional services and workspace to Chinese SMEs expanding to North America and international SMEs seeking entry to China market, respectively. The NVG international accelerators across the Pacific provide facility space, flexible leases, shared use of common office equipment, direct business assistance and guidance, mentoring, networking to capital, and other technical resources. A network of existing resources in the local community would be developed to support accelerator client needs.

Capacity Building

New Ventures China was established in 1994 in collaboration with the World Resources Institute and the Institute for Environment and Development. Its development program focuses on SMEs that aim for energy conservation, emission reduction and low carbon consumption, and it assists them by means of capacity building and convening. ​New Ventures Global will work closely with New Ventures China to take their capacity building services to next level, which include but are not limited to training and facilitation services in legal, accounting, business culture, local partnerships, government relations, human resources, market research, and strategic planning.

Areas of Expertise

Suggest/provide funding and resources, Evaluate/Review your innovation, Be a mentor, Advise on Financial management and operations