Map the Philippines

Map the Philippines

Map the Philippines is an international initiative to help provide free, comprehensive and accessible maps of the Philippines to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals. We teach local government, business, NGOs, students and citizens how to map their community assets and visualize needed infrastructure and investment for economic and tourist development, and disaster and community resilience.

Our goal is to help create more sustainable infrastructure and to provide online and offline spaces for real-time cross sector coordination, transparency and accountability for our communities.

Our mapping partners include the U.S. State Department’s MapGive program, Department of Science and Technology’s Project NOAH, OpenStreetMap, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, OpenStreetMap Philippines and the Digital Humanitarian Network. 

The Map the Philippines free online platform provides opportunities for citizens and organizations to share and track programs, services, and best practices, to identify funding needs, and connect with other stakeholders. By mapping cross sector data, we help identify priorities, gaps and overlaps to help stakeholders make the most informed decisions to help our communities.

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Area of Focus

Map the Philippines collects cross sector data to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals and to levererage mapping and data visualization to improve civic and community engagement and government policy, transparency, accountability and responsiveness to citizens.

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Government Relations, Policy, Advocacy, Mapping/GIS, Data expertise