The Web Foundation’s Open Data Lab Jakarta

The Web Foundation’s Open Data Lab Jakarta

We are a non-profit data innovation lab based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our work is centred on utilising open data to find sustainable solutions to pressing social issues.

We start by identifying a pressing social problem that open data could help solve. Then, we team up with partners and work from the bottom-up to develop, test, and refine possible solutions. We draw on years of experience, deep research, and bring practical lessons into play. We’re interested in tailored approaches rooted in local realities, not cut and paste solutions imported from elsewhere.

Our goal is to empower our partners to run their own sustainable open data initiatives that lead to social benefit, through research, incubation, training and engagement. To enhance impact, we also share our learnings and methods openly – through the production of how-to guides, lessons learned papers, and training manuals – and encourage others to use them in their work.

We also know that individual open data initiatives can only thrive in the right political, legal, and social climate. So, we invest time in fresh research – building evidence around how open data can solve complex challenges that benefit citizens. Then, we use this evidence to advocate for greater openness. Our regular workshops and events provide safe environments to facilitate dialogue among different stakeholder groups, encouraging partners to learn from each other.

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Jln. Kudus No. 3, Menteng, Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

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Organization Mission

We ensure that people and governments are able to access, understand, and use open data to tackle the most pressing challenges in local communities and national settings.

Area of Focus

Research: We conduct and support thematic research into the use and impact of open data in developing and emerging countries in the region. We are interested in documenting and/or identifying workable models, replicable trainings, and scalable open data projects that would help optimise open data benefits in the social, economic, and political spheres.

Incubation: We implement and support our partners in implementing specific projects that increase or hasten access, analysis, understanding, interpretation, and dissemination of data to tackle specific social, economic and political challenges. We are interested in building tools, knowledge products, process maps, and services that would increase the potential of open data to generate wider social impact.
Capacity-building: We implement demand-driven capacity-building programs that increase the capability of governments to proactively disclose data. On the demand side, we build the capacities of intermediaries (civil society organizations, media, private sector) to access and disseminate relevant information derived from open data to interested citizens.

Engagement: Through regular events and targeted outreach activities, we build and foster a diverse, interdisciplinary community that benefits from the experience and expertise of its members. Engagement is not to be viewed as a separate component of the Lab’s work. It is considered a built-in principle of every project or activity that we undertake.
Our focus is on issues in the thematic areas of cities, gender and financial transparency.

Areas of Expertise

Suggest/provide funding and resources, Help create a proto-type, Test an innovation and provide feedback, Evaluate/Review your innovation, Be a mentor, Share my knowledge of the market, Suggest Partners, Government Relations, Policy, Advocacy, Relevent Training, Data expertise